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Crescent Lodge Dental – Teeth whitening in South West London

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6th December 2016

Crescent Lodge Dental – Teeth whitening in South West London

You’ve probably heard that having teeth whitening can make a significant difference to your professional and personal life. This is simply because so many different studies have concluded that bright, white teeth are more likely to help you get hired, promoted, or a hot date!

The reason behind this is simple. White teeth look healthier than discoloured or stained teeth and we are naturally drawn to healthier, more attractive smiles. If you live in South West London and you wish your teeth were whiter, we are here to help.

Teeth whitening treatment is suitable for all patients and perfectly safe. No matter how deeply your teeth are stained, will be able to brighten then by several shades, or in the worst case scenario, restore them with dental veneers, or caps.

It doesn’t matter if your teeth have become stained through smoking, curries, coffee and tea or simply the ageing process, we can whiten them effectively, efficiently and painlessly. Even nervous patients have reported that thanks to our attentive and thoughtful approach, they felt calm during treatment.

If you know that whiter teeth will bring you more success in work and love in the competitive marketplaces and dating scenes of South West London, why deny yourself the opportunity to get ahead. Having your teeth whitened is probably simpler, easier and more affordable that you imagined it would be

What happens during teeth whitening treatment in our South West London practice?

In the first instance you’ll have your teeth cleaned thoroughly by our hygienist. This will remove any food deposits and ensure your gums are healthy ahead of the bleaching. Cleaner teeth are more receptive to the treatment.

You can choose between in surgery treatment which is provided by Zoom! or using our professional home whitening kit, which is provided by leading brand, Opalescence. Zoom! Requires you to be in the dentist chair for longer, but you’re welcome to bring your own music to listen to, while the treatment is taking place.

As for the Opalescence home kit, we will give you everything you need to ensure that the whitening process is as uncomplicated and comfortable as possible. You’ll be applying bleaching gel to custom-made trays and wearing them at night.

Tooth whitening treatment lasts for up to 2 years and can cause dramatic and positive changes to your life. Are you ready to see what sort of opportunities are lying just around the corner for you? Then please give our friendly reception team a call to book your appointment with us. Christmas and New Year’s eve are both great occasions for flashing your newly attractive smile with confidence and see where your improved smile takes you. Call us today for more details