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6 dental implant facts you should definitely know

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23rd May 2018

6 dental implant facts you should definitely know

What comes to mind when you think of dental implants? Do you think of a team of surgeons, big operations, beeping machinery? Dental implants can seem intimidating when they draw up these images, but actually there’s far less to worry about than you may think.

They’re easier, more readily available, and a lot less hassle than most patients realise. Without further ado, here’s 6 facts about dental implants that you should definitely know.


There’s no huge surgery required

Dental implants may involve the placement of titanium roots, but you do not need to be placed under general anaesthetic. If you have been envisioning a large-scale operation and a long hospital stay, think again! Dental implants are placed under a local anaesthetic in our implantologist’s sterile and clean office, so you are conscious and comfortable at the same time. Of course, for particularly nervous patients, we can arrange for dental sedation though this isn’t always necessary.


They won’t move and wobble

The root of the dental implant is made of solid titanium and placed directly in the jawbone. This means that even implant-retained dentures won’t wobble like their traditional counterparts, helping us to create long-lasting and stable tooth replacement solutions. The titanium root will, over time, fuse into your jaw bone, creating a unified foundation for chewing, biting, and grinning.


They won’t be unnaturally white

A common concern for those considering dental implants is that they will be glaringly visible and obviously white. Images spring to mind of a single obnoxiously white tooth amongst your natural-coloured teeth, and this can put a lot of patients off. Not to worry, because we at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice colour-match your dental implants to your natural teeth. This ensures they blend seamlessly and naturally into your smile, so nobody need know about your procedure unless you choose to tell them.


They don’t require specialist care

We understand that dental implants can represent a financial commitment, but there is no such commitment for specialist care. In fact, dental implants require no specialist or tailored care at all. As long as you maintain them as you should your natural teeth they should last you many happy years. All we ask is that you brush, floss, and attend regular dental check-ups at our Clapham practice to maintain your implants and your natural teeth.


If you need more than one, you can have more than one

Sometimes, against our best intentions, we can lose one or more teeth. Dental implants can replace anywhere from one to multiple missing teeth. Luckily, we have dental implant options suitable for all. Whether you need a single implant placed, implant-retained dentures for up to 6 missing teeth, or fast implants, we can help.


Our consultations don’t cost a penny

Some dental practices charge for their dental implant consultation and to this we say – to each their own. However, we don’t charge for our consultations because we’d like our patients to feel informed, comfortable, and confident in our care without the added pressure of a deposit. If it transpires that you’re not suitable for dental implants, then you haven’t paid for your consultation, and if it transpires that you are then you’ve received the information you need sans pressure!


Dental implants can feel like a big commitment and for some people, they may be. Recovery can feel different for everyone, and some patients may need a little more support than others, but this is totally natural.


Each treatment is unique to the recipient, so if you’re considering dental implants then feel free to get in contact with us. Pop into our Clapham dental practice, enquire online today!