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Are dental implants necessary for missing teeth?

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24th October 2018

Are dental implants necessary for missing teeth?

Dental implants in London are, understandably, a bit of an investment in both time and money for some patients. However, they’re also a reliable facet of modern dentistry. Tooth replacement has been a treatment practiced for years and literally centuries, but after all this time and development are dental implants worth it? Is it worth filling the gaps in your smile, and are dental implants necessary?

Missing teeth are more than just gaps in your smile, they’re potential dental health hazards. While cosmetic reasons alone are enough to replace them, there are also a variety of health implications that make dental implants entirely necessary when permanently replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants vs. dentures

This is the true debate as to whether dental implants are necessary – comparing them to dentures. We believe that, in order to get the best quality of life and certainty, you should consider tooth implants over removable dentures. Dental implants in Clapham are a permanent solution that are fixed into your jaw bone, so they won’t slip and become dislodged in day-to-day life. You’d have to try very, very hard to dislodge a dental implant! They also don’t require special cleaning, they also don’t limit your diet, and could last a lifetime with attentive hygiene routines.

Dental implants promote your dental health

Dental implants protect your neighbouring teeth against developing cavities. When you lose a tooth, it exposes the sides and surfaces of your neighbouring teeth that would otherwise have been covered. These irregular gaps are more difficult to clean and therefore plaque and bacteria can build-up quite quickly in these areas. With an untouched build-up, you could develop cavities and lose precious enamel as the bacteria gnaws away at your protective layers. Dental implants are necessary when protecting your teeth from decay because they re-cover those surfaces that otherwise would not be as open to bacterial interference.

Dental implants protect you from developing gum disease. It’s not just the newly-exposed sides of your neighbouring teeth that are left vulnerable after losing a tooth, but your gums too. Bacteria and sugars build-up on the base on your teeth, resting atop the gum line. These bacteria don’t just eat away at your teeth, but they also irritate and inflame your gums too. They could become red, swollen, puffy, sore, and bleed when being brushed, which are all critical indicators of gum disease. This could even threaten losing further teeth, so tooth implants in Clapham are definitely necessary if not for a complete smile but a healthy mouth in general.

Dental implants keep your jaw bone healthy. Here’s something you may not considered before: your teeth are rooted in your jawbone and form a mutually beneficial relationship. Your jawbone stays strong because it receives signals from the tooth root that there is still a tooth in place, but as soon as this root dies and the tooth is lost that part of the bone loses its function. Not receiving signals that it should stay strong bone resorption can come for your jaw bone and cause it to weaken and sink into itself. If you lose more than one tooth, whole areas of your jaw can appear ‘caved in’ because the bone has no strength. Tooth implants use a titanium root to fuse with the jawbone to a) create a stable foundation for your implant and bone) to maintain your jawbone’s health. They are therefore definitely necessary if you’re worried about your bone weakening further and losing facial structure.


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When asking the question ‘are dental implants necessary?’ it’s important to consider what’s necessary for you. However, we are strong believers in their ability to improve the health, function, and appearance of your mouth. Discover your treatment options with Crescent Lodge Dental Practice and dental implants in Clapham, London, today. Enquire online, speak to a member of the team on 020 7622 5333 or simply book online.

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