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What is Dermaroller treatment?

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18th September 2018

What is Dermaroller treatment?

We may be a dental practice full of impeccable dentists in South-West London, but we’re so much more than that too. We’re dental implant specialists, we’re dental hygienists, and we’re also trained in the administration of facial aesthetics. We’ve explored the fact that we offer dermal fillers in a previous blog post, which restore beautiful volume to areas of the face, and we also provide wrinkle relaxing injections. There’s one more thing we just have to mention though: we also provide an impeccable skin treatment called Dermaroller. Discover the benefits of Dermaroller, and what the treatment actually is.


All about Dermaroller

Dermaroller is essentially an advanced form of microneedling, a treatment you may have come across before. This German-engineered medical skincare device produces thousands of tiny needle columns in the skin. Each column penetrates the dermis which rapidly closes after puncturing, enabling the skin to recover quickly. This creates a controlled wound in the treated area, prompting the body to kick-start its healing processes. It does this by shedding the damaged skin cells targeted by the needles and produces fresh, healthy ones to take their place. It also triggers the production of collagen within the skin, a protein essential to skin laxity, firmness, and volume. The skin repairs itself to form healthy, balance, brighter looking skin with visible results possible after just one treatment!


What does Dermaroller treat?

Dermaroller is capable of treating many complex skin conditions, one of which is acne scarring. When we battle with acne, the skin goes into trauma because of the infected and swollen pores. After a spot pops or after a particularly aggressive bout, the skin works quickly to seal this wound off and heal it to protect us. Unfortunately, this means over-producing skin cells and collagen to almost over-compensate for the sore. These fibres knit together in an irregular pattern, creating the dimple and pock-like acne scarring that mars the face. When acne has receded, the skin’s trauma and inflammation levels begin to recede. By introducing Dermaroller microneedling at this point, we can create a wound that is far more controlled and damaging to the skin. This means the collagen and skin cells produce work to relevel the acne scarring safely, without causing more.


Dermaroller is also an exceptional treatment for softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and reinstating a natural volume. This is because of the collagen produced that is essential to skin plumpness. It remodels the skin from the inside-out, filling out fine lines and wrinkles and also introducing a fresh bounce to loose skin. A common treatment area for this is the cheeks and jowls.


Because of its targeting of dead, damaged, and dying skin cells, Dermaroller is capable of introducing a fresh and healthy glow to the skin. Often enlarged pores and the build-up of dead skin cells make our skin appear oily, tired, and dull. Dead cells in particular dim our skin’s natural vibrancy and vitality, and also contribute to the formation of spots and blackheads. By prompting the skin to shed this superficial layer of dead skin, it’s also forced into creating new skin cells that glow with new-born vitality. This means you don’t necessarily have to be suffering with acne scarring or the signs of ageing to enjoy a Dermaroller treatment. If you’re looking for a brightening treatment, this could be the one!


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