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The best foods for white teeth

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12th September 2018

The best foods for white teeth

If you are what you eat, then so are your teeth! There’s so much more to effective dental hygiene and white teeth than just brushing, flossing, and professional treatments. These are great, but it’s important to carry forward the same effort we put into your teeth yourself by maintaining proper at-home care. This means watching what you introduce your teeth to in the form of food and drink because there are some heroes and villains when choosing what to snack on. We believe in sharing knowledge with our patients, so you can look after your teeth before any traumas occur, so you can enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with your teeth. These are the best foods for white teeth!

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The best foods for your teeth

Coconut oil is the latest ‘in’ foodstuffs for cooking, skincare, and even in hair masks, but it also has its place in a dental hygiene routine too. Oil pulling, the process of swilling and rinsing your mouth around with coconut for a few minutes or so is an ancient Indian medicinal tradition. It is said to have anti-bacterial properties and draws out toxins that collect in your mouth, lessening your chances of developing tooth decay and improving teeth whiteness.


Celery is a crunchy vegetable that your teeth can’t get enough of. Along with another crunchy veg, celery forces you to chew more when eating it, prompting saliva production that is beneficial for your mouth. Saliva keeps your mouth tissue healthy, lubricates food debris to stop it from sticking between our teeth and causing decay, and fights against cavities. If you’re not overly enthused by celery, then try munching carrots and cucumber instead.


Fish rich in omega-3 are great for your teeth’s health and whiteness. Wild salmon and sardines boast high levels of vitamin D which is essential to the absorbing process of calcium used to strengthen teeth. They contain a lot of phosphorous too, which helps protect your tooth enamel. Omega-3 acids have also been shown to reduce gum disease, so wild salmon should definitely feature on your menu. If you’re not a fan of fish, you should consider fish oil supplements.


Dairy foods are great for your teeth. Cheese, yoghurt, and milk are full to the brim with calcium which promotes strong teeth and bones. Cheese in particular is a dairy deity because it contains a protein that strengthens and repairs tooth enamel (and tastes amazing, admittedly). What’s more is that cheese can has been found to lower the pH levels in your mouth, reducing the harm that acid can cause proceeding it.

Graphic of cartoon foods. From left to right: Coconut oil, celery, fish & dairy.


These foods are the best foods for healthy, bright, and white teeth! Of course, you should never stray from your regular hygiene routine and purely subsist on celery and cheese. Make sure to keep a healthy mix of both and stay away from staining products like coffee, red wine, and strongly pigmented curry, and you could enjoy healthy white teeth for a very long time.


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