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Emergency dentist appointments – What you need to know

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10th September 2019

Emergency dentist appointments – What you need to know

An emergency dentist appointment in London is a consultation with your dentist booked at short notice to help with a serious oral health problem. This could be on account of trauma, sensitivity issues, toothache or infection. Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in Clapham conveniently provide emergency dentist appointments so that your dental emergency can be dealt with and treated as soon as possible to prevent further damage and discomfort. This article will outline when you should think about booking an emergency dentist in London and how your dentist will be able to help return your teeth to good health.

When is the right time to book?

Dental Trauma

An injury to the teeth and mouth can occur in a number of different ways, often as a result of an accident. This injury could have been inflicted to the teeth or nearby soft tissues, both of which is normally evident through apparent blood loss, missing or loose teeth, bruising, swelling or dental fractures. If you have incurred any of these injuries, it is important that you visit your dentist immediately to get treatment. In the event of knocking out a tooth, make sure you save the tooth and bring it to your emergency dentist appointment with you if possible. The health of the dislodged tooth can be preserved by placing it into milk or your own saliva. Your dentist may then be able to replace it without the need for a dental implant or denture.

Severe Toothache

Severe pain in a tooth or the jaw is an extremely unpleasant condition that cannot be remedied using ordinary painkillers alone. The pain may be constant or you may experience a sudden sharp pang of pain when eating, drinking or talking. If the pain is unbearable you must book an appointment to see our dentist in Clapham as soon as possible. It is likely that the longer you leave it, the worse your condition will get if left untreated. Tooth pain can occur due to a number of conditions such as tooth decay, infection, loose or broken fillings, receding gums or cracked teeth. During your emergency appointment, your dentist will be able to quickly identify the cause of the pain and decide the best course of action with regard to treatment.


A tooth abscess is an infection in or around the tooth root which may or not be painful. This condition occurs when the soft tissue inside the root canal dies or becomes inflamed due to undetected trauma, gum disease or tooth decay. Symptoms of this condition include severe toothache, swelling, sensitivity, bad smelling and tasting discharge from the area. Your dentist will be able to investigate the severity of your abscess using a dental X-ray and subsequently advise the best treatment to alleviate your condition. By booking an emergency appointment in London you will be able to get treatment before complications arise and the infection spreads.

How do I book an emergency dentist appointment in London?

If you are experiencing any of the above dental emergencies or are simply unsure whether you need to book an emergency dentist in London, it is important that you contact us via phone or email as soon as you can to speak to a member of our expert team at our dental practice in Clapham Common, London.