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Handling Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

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22nd March 2020

Handling Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure – and one that’s renowned for its transformative properties. Here at Crescent Lodge Dental practice, based in London, we’re no stranger to teeth whitening treatment. But while many of our patients enjoy a beautifully bright smile with no adverse effects following treatment, others do report the familiar tingles and twinges that are the signature signs of tooth sensitivity. In this post, we’ll go through our top ways to help combat this common problem.

1) Use a sensitive toothpaste

There are lots of toothpastes available on the high street nowadays – particularly for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. These toothpastes work by desensitising your teeth, either by targeting nerve endings or by ‘covering’ dentinal tubules (a part of the inside of the tooth). To make this even more effective, opt for a soft-bristled brush.

2) Avoid hot and cold extremes

Foods that can be incredibly cold, for instance ice cream, and very hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, can all affect your teeth. If there are particular foods that bother you, it may be worth cutting down on them, or cutting them out of your diet altogether. Hot and cold air can also cause a problem.

3) Say no to acidic food

Acidic foods – for instance, fruit juices – can have an impact on sensitivity and can actually cause enamel reduction, essentially wearing the tooth away. Surprisingly, some mouthwashes can also contain acid – always choose one with neutral fluoride.

4) Stop the bad habits

Grinding the teeth can cause sensitivity in teeth, as it’s another factor that can wear away tooth enamel. Having botox injections for bruxism (teeth grinding) could help.

5) Keep an eye on your oral health

It’s possible that the cause of your sensitivity is something other than teeth whitening. It could be gum recession, gingivitis, plaque or even cracked teeth behind your problem. Booking in with a dentist, such as one of our friendly team here at our London dental practice, can help get to the root of the issue and potentially fix it.

If you’re concerned…

Whether you’ve come to us for teeth whitening or you’ve used a teeth whitening product from the high street (or even another dental practice), if you’re experiencing sensitivity, our dentists can help. To book in with our London dental practice, simply visit our contact page and we’ll be in touch.