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Surprising Anti-Ageing Treatments

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17th February 2020

Surprising Anti-Ageing Treatments

Here at Crescent Lodge, a renowned dental practice in Clapham, London, we offer a range of both cosmetic dentistry treatments and cosmetic facial treatments. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that some of our suggestions for anti-ageing treatments are, in fact, dentistry-based.

In this post, we’ll go through some of our anti-ageing treatments for helping stop the clock on ageing, looking at a broad range of both dental and aesthetic treatments.

Teeth whitening

One of the hallmarks of youth is a bright and beautiful smile, so it makes sense that reversing the look of yellow, stained teeth with teeth whitening can help take years off your appearance. We offer both an in-practice and an at-home teeth whitening procedure, both provided by Zoom. Not only are there options for which teeth whitening treatment to try, but you can choose a teeth whitening treatment to fit around you – whether it’s from the comfort of your home, or in a professional setting here at our Clapham dental practice.

Dental implants

Your smile can look worn and tired when you have missing or broken teeth, and can instantly age your appearance. Dental implants in London can restore gaps left by missing teeth and can replace any damaged teeth, helping give you a fuller, brighter smile. In addition, having fixed dental implants can restore the structure of your face, where loose teeth have made the skin around the mouth sag. Dental implants are a common procedure here at our dental practice in Clapham.

Derma roller

From acne scarring to sun damage, our facial treatments here in Clapham are a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery but still have the wow factor. The derma roller is one of our top treatments for ageing concerns. It works by gently pricking the skin to prompt the renewal process, boosting collagen production and helping create glowing skin.

Dermal fillers

For skin that sags and has lost its natural bounce and elasticity, dermal fillers could help restore structure and contour to the face. These injectables, which feature hydrating hyaluronic acid, can help give you volume and definition and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Get advice on the right treatment for you

Whether it’s for dental implants or another kind of cosmetic dentistry, or one of our aesthetic treatments, try your Clapham dental practice today. Enquire via our contact page or book in with our team online and we’ll look forward to welcoming you very soon.

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