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How to get an Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

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23rd May 2019

How to get an Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

Life can be unpredictable, resulting in the need for an emergency dentist appointment in London. Maybe it was a stumble on a night out, a sports injury, or just an unfortunate slip-up during your day to day life, but accident and injury can come for us all. Here’s how to get an emergency dentist in London.

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Our dental practice emergency dentist appointments in London to all who need them. We offer convenient opening hours (as late as 8pm Monday-Thursday) because we don’t want your care to be strictly limited to your typical working hours. We always aim to see those seeking an emergency dentist in London on the same day of the enquiry, especially if you are in pain. During out of hours practice, please call 111.

Emergency dentist London

At your emergency appointment in London, we will treat the immediate area of trauma with a temporary solution before arranging with you a formal appointment for a more permanent solution. For example, we can place a temporary dressing, perform simple extractions, and refer you to specialist services if needed. An emergency dentist appointment in London consists of us performing what is clinically necessary to stop any pain and provide a temporary solution.

Making a second appointment to return to us for restorative dentistry or a more permanent solution is no longer considered an emergency, and charges may be applied. If you have a chipped tooth, for example, restoring this tooth with dental composite will incur extra charges.

Woman receiving a Emergency Dentist appointment with us at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.Should I go to A&E?

You should only go to Accident and Emergency care under more serious and severe circumstances. For example, you should pay a visit to A&E if you have severe pain, heavy bleeding, or injuries to the face, mouth, or teeth. If your dental injury threatens a different part of your being, you should seek emergency care.

When should I make an emergency dentist appointment in London?

You should try to make an emergency dentist appointment if any of the following occur:

– An accident that has damaged your teeth or mouth

– Loss of a tooth

– Cracking or fracturing of a tooth

– A loosened tooth or a tooth knocked out of alignment

– Severe tooth pain after an injury yet with no visible damage

– Serious infection or abscess

– Severe pain, swelling, or bleeding that develops after a previous dental treatment (reactionary)

We offer emergency dentist appointments in London so that you may stay healthy, happy, and protected at all times. Contact Crescent Lodge Dental Practice today on 020 7622 5333 to arrange to see an emergency dentist or, if out of hours, please call the NHS number 111 for further instructions.

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