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Myofunctional Braces – How Myobraces Can Help Kids

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15th June 2023

Myofunctional Braces – How Myobraces Can Help Kids

As a popular dental practice In London, we help patients in and around the capital achieve healthy smiles every day. And it’s not just limited to grown-ups. Many of our treatments are suitable – and even recommended – for our younger patients. Today, we’ll look at my0functional braces, covering what they’re for and how they help young children with their teeth.

What is a myofunctional brace?

Even very young children can suffer from oral problems, including poor jaw development and crooked teeth. But that doesn’t mean that braces are automatically the solution. Sometimes, a myobrace can be a better fit. Myobraces are also a great way to break bad habits in young kids, including thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

What problems can myobraces help with?

Some of the issues include:

– Thumb sucking: children can establish this when they are young babies, often as a way of self-comforting (especially at nighttime).

– Tongue thrusting and reverse swallowing: this is where someone swallows by pushing the tongue against the teeth. It isn’t always a long-term issue, as it can sometimes occur from allergies or nasal congestion. However, in the case of myobraces, it’s offered when the habit becomes difficult to break.

– Poor jaw development: this can often be genetic, where the jaw appears shallower, the chin is receding and the face has a narrow appearance.

– Mouth breathing: this can cause sleep disorders, facial structure issues and dental problems.

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What do Myofunctional braces look like?

It looks similar to an aligner, being a single piece of plastic that we shape for your smile. However, it’s an alternative to braces and encourages natural growth and development.

How do Myofunctional braces work?

You must wear the appliance for a couple of hours each day, plus overnight. It helps children swallow correctly; breathe properly; and keep their lips together. Our London dentists find it helps improve health and eating habits while correcting bad habits and properly aligning the teeth and jaws.

Can adults have Myofunctional braces?

Yes, they can. You can speak to us to find out more about this.

How do I get a Myofunctional brace for my child?

Your first step is getting in touch with our Clapham dental practice. From here, we’ll arrange a consultation to look over your child’s mouth, teeth and gums and advise you better. If your son or daughter is suitable for treatment, we’ll get this organised for you and be your point of contact throughout treatment.

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