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Restore your smile with dental implants.

Published . Filed under Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants.

Have you ever had a tooth fall out, or removed by a dentist at your home in south west London, leaving you with an unsightly gap? What did you do next? Perhaps you opted for a traditional denture, maybe you had a replacement tooth bonded to a tooth on one side of the gap, or maybe you were offered a dental implant? It’s also entirely possible that you did nothing and the gap is still there?

Many people find themselves with a gap in their teeth many months and years after they’ve lost a tooth. They might have meant to do something about it, but never got round to it, or they might have let their arbitrary fear of dental procedures colour their judgement about the benefits of replacing lost teeth. For whatever reason, that gap has been left and now you have to retrain your mouth to cope without one of your teeth.

If you want to prevent shrinkage of the jawbone, prevent your mouth from developing wrinkles, due to lost cheek muscles support, and you want to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting around your mouth, you should consider having an implant fitted as soon as possible.

Why are our south west London dental implants so effective?

Firstly let’s have a look at what a dental implant actually is. It consists of two parts; a titanium screw, that is placed in the jawbone to provide bone support and a crown on top that mimics a real tooth. Your implant will look like a natural tooth and it will behave in the same way, sitting permanent and immovable in your mouth, helping you to bite and chew.

Unlike traditional dentures, implants won’t fall out of your mouth when you’re least expecting it, you don’t have to train your tongue and cheeks to hold implants in place and they will help preserve your jawbone for longer, making it less likely that the area around your mouth will age prematurely. You will be able to smile widely with confidence.

How long do dental implants last?

Once you’ve got used to the feeling of implants in your mouth, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them. They will revolutionise your eating habits, by making it as easy to eat as it was when you had a mouthful of natural teeth. Once you’ve had them fitted in our south west London practice, by our experienced dental team, you shouldn’t need to replace them.

A new study undertaken by the University of Bern, Switzerland, has proved that dental implants are robust enough to stand the test of time. A number of implants were inspected after 10 years. 98.8% of them needed no further attention and were deemed extremely successful. No implant fractures had been experienced at all.

Dental implants really are the most effective means of providing replacement teeth, but they do rely on you having a healthy jawbone,  that has yet to deteriorate; a process that begins almost as soon as you experience tooth loss. If you would like to benefit from the practical and aesthetic benefits dental implants offer, please give the Crescent Lodge dental practice here in south west London a call at your earliest convenience. The sooner you can express an interest in the treatment to us, the easier the procedure will be. Our highly experienced and professional team of dentists will be able to place an implant in a very short time, occasionally on the same day as your enquiry. Please get in touch.