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The importance of regular dental hygiene checkups. 

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20th May 2016

The importance of regular dental hygiene checkups. 

If you’re going about your business in Clapham and your mouth feels fine, why bother going for regular dental hygiene check ups? Our increasingly busy lives dictate what our priorities for the week should be. Unfortunately, taking half an hour to ensure our mouth remains healthy is often bumped off the list in favour of other activities.


Whether you’re finishing deadlines, attending an exercise class or grabbing that surprise evening of ‘me time’ when the kids are round at a friend’s house, your reluctance to see the dentist is entirely understandable. Like diets, getting round to booking your hygiene appointment, is something that will happen ‘tomorrow.’

Bunking off from visiting your dentist in clapham and neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to many dental problems. Problems which are simple to cure when caught early enough, but will become serious if left untreated. If you think building half an hour dedicated to your teeth two or four times a year is hard. Just wait until you have to find hours of free time to have your teeth treated. When you’re in pain, your teeth suddenly become your number one priority. On the other hand when they feel fine they are fine, right? 

The potential consequences of leaving teeth untreated

Everybody’s teeth are different. All teeth vary in shape and size and their positioning in your mouth can change simply by biting and chewing. Each time you visit your dentist in Clapham, your teeth have probably changed slightly in some way. The more your teeth move, the more chance there is of them trapping food and that food turning into plaque. If food is turning into plaque, then that plaque is not cleaned away, the plaque will turn into tooth decay and gum disease. All undetected by a dentist or hygienist, whom you haven’t seen your mouths condition. 

Gum disease is treated by a series of heavy duty hygiene appointments, where gum therapy will be applied and tooth decay is often treated with fillings. However, if you leave your teeth too long without seeking help, studies have shown there is a link between advanced gum disease and heart and lung diseases!

What happens during a hygiene appointment?

Your regular check up at our dental practice in Clapham will allow your dentist to examine your gums and teeth. Our dentist may then ask you about any concerns you might have and give you advice on how to prevent serious dental conditions. Your teeth will be deeply cleaned and appropriate treatment can be given. 

If you can spare two hours of your year in order to attend regular dental check ups, you’ll save yourself a lot of tooth pain in the future. Our expert dental team here in Clapham can book you in for your first or next appointment. The little time you spend getting your teeth checked, will be well worth the effort. For more information on our hygiene checkups, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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