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What Can An Emergency Dentist in London Fix?

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7th March 2023

What Can An Emergency Dentist in London Fix?

Going to the dentist doesn’t need to feel daunting or scary. After our emergency dentist service, at our Clapham dental practice, we’ve really seen it all – from missing teeth to severe infections. Today, we’ll explain what happens when you book an emergency dental appointment at our Clapham dental practice with one of our emergency dentists, as well as outline the many treatments we can offer in these types of situations. Read on to find out more.

What’s the process in an emergency dentist appointment?

We always say the sooner, the better – so if you think your problem qualifies as an emergency, get in touch with us right away. If you’re unsure, call up our friendly team – or if you think it might need medical care, try the NHS 111 service.

What counts as a dental emergency?

There’s a wide range of issues that could mean you need an appointment with an emergency dentist. These include things like abscesses and infections; cracked, chipped, broken or lost teeth; similarly, problems with crowns and fillings. If in doubt, speak to our team in Clapham and see how we can help.

Woman holding the side of her face in pain who has come in for an emergency dentist appointment at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice.What can an emergency dentist fix?

Generally, we want to get you as comfortable as we can and to restore your smile as best we can – but with some treatments needing things like new crowns, our fixes might be temporary, with a view to booking in for follow-up treatment at a later date. So, we could create a temporary crown and fit a permanent one at a separate appointment, for example. We can also refer you to specialist services and carry out certain tasks, like X-rays. If it’s an infection, we could prescribe you the medicine you need to get better.

What if I don’t get emergency treatment?

This is something we’d never advise, as you might find your problem gets worse. Taking the case of infections and abscesses, these could worsen to the point that a tooth needs to be removed, or you could risk the infection spreading throughout your body (sepsis). At any rate, you’ll likely be uncomfortable and dwelling on your concern – so it’s worth talking to us just for peace of mind and to help you get back to normal again.

How do I book an emergency dentist appointment?

You’ll need to call our Clapham team right away. We’ll then aim to see you as quickly as possible, though we do order our cases according to priority – so those who need us most see us first.

Book in with us today – whether you’re experiencing severe pain, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, we are ready to help restore your oral health and relieve your discomfort.