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What is Periodontal Treatment and Does It Hurt?

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12th April 2023

What is Periodontal Treatment and Does It Hurt?

Needing periodontal treatment? Questions about what it is and how it works? Unsure if it’s the right option for you? Our London dentists can help. But before you book in for an appointment at our London dental practice, we’ll explain more about what’s involved, and what periodontal treatment is needed for.

Why have periodontal treatment?

It’s a way to deeply clean the teeth and pockets of the gums through a scaling and root planing technique. This helps to treat gum disease and manage periodontitis, a serious gum infection that can damage the soft tissues around the teeth. If the infection isn’t treated, it’s possible to lose teeth and the underlying bone. Our London dentists take periodontal treatment very seriously and will do all they can to care for your mouth, teeth and gums.

How effective is periodontal treatment?

It’s effective in the majority of cases, though it does depend how advanced the infection is. Early diagnosis and treatment yield the best results. That’s why it’s important to book in with our London dentists if you’re worried you have the condition.

How painful is periodontal treatment?

The treatment may cause some discomfort; however, a local anesthetic may be available to desensitise the area, which minimises sensation. Sedation may also be possible in some circumstances. Over-the-counter pain relief can help in the healing period following treatment and occasionally, antibiotics might also be prescribed to help manage the infection.

Will I need surgery?

It’s possible, but it depends on how advanced your periodontitis is. Surgery may be needed if you have deep pockets, diseased tissue or misshapen bone as a result of the infection. Gum grafts are also a possible step. Our London dentists will speak to you about surgery if it’s required.

How do I care for my smile?

In short, with good oral hygiene; we’ve written more about that on our blog. Brushing frequently, having regular dental check-ups and following a healthy diet and lifestyle go a long way in looking after your smile for the long-term. Our London dentists can also share some tips on things like cutting down or quitting smoking, which is one of the causes of periodontitis.

How will I know I have the infection?

You might notice red, swollen gums that feel tender or bleed. Smokers are also more likely to develop periodontitis. It can be diagnosed during a routine dental check-up.

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