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What Not To Do After Botox

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4th July 2021

What Not To Do After Botox

When it comes to botox, aftercare is just as important as preparing for your treatment. So, in today’s post, our London professionals talk about things to avoid after you’ve had your Botox injections. We’ll also give some pointers about caring for your skin and the treated area. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get onto the main things to avoid post-treatment.

Heat treatments

Whether it’s a day at the spa, a sauna treatment, or topping up your tan on the sunbed, all of these can affect your results and potentially cause swelling or discomfort.

Cosmetic procedures

If you’re having botox as well as considering another facial aesthetics treatment, like dermal fillers or a chemical peel, then it’s worth talking to us about it during your consultation. It might be that you have botox done afterwards, or we may not recommend a procedure if you’ve had botox done already.

woman being injected with Botox with us here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice

Touching the area

It can be tempting to feel that smooth skin for yourself – but be warned, touching a treated area straight after injection can cause infection. The same goes for sleeping in the area and applying make-up. We recommend giving your skin a break!

Botox/ anti wrinkle injections at CLDP

Strenuous exercise

While exercise is good for healing, too much exercise – or harder activities, such as contact sports – might cause swelling after treatment. If in doubt, ask us, or pause on the workouts for a few days.


Pouring a glass of bubbly to toast your results is tempting, but don’t do it in the first 24 hours or so after having Botox injections.

And now for some pointers…

We also like to talk about some do’s for your skin – things that can help it look fantastic and elevate your results.

  • First of all, get into a good skincare routine. Ensure it’s protected in the sun (which can cause ageing and wrinkles) and keep it hydrated inside and out.
  • Secondly, eat well and exercise often (assuming you haven’t just had treatment, of course). These can help skin look and feel healthy and youthful.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid of booking a consultation with us if you’re unsure about your skin, especially if you’ve recently had a facial aesthetics treatment. We’ll do our very best to help.

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