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How To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

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21st June 2021

How To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

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So, you think it’s a dental emergency? What do you do? First of all, try to stay calm. Then, take a look through the steps we’ve outlined below to find out what to do next. This post covers how to identify an emergency, what you should do and how to get an emergency dentist appointment in London.

How do you get an emergency dentist appointment in London?

It’s easy. Visit our contact page for all the details. We have early morning, late night and Saturday emergency appointments at our London dental practice, and prices start at £70. In your appointment, we could help:

  • Manage any pain and prescribe antibiotics
  • Take a closer look with X-rays
  • Carry out tooth repair or extraction
  • Refer you to a specialist

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Is it a dental emergency?

It might seem like it, but sometimes it’s not an emergency at all. Here are a few things to look out for, which may indicate it’s time to get in touch with our London emergency dentist. So, what counts as a dental emergency?

  • Broken tooth – whether it’s snapped or split, the chances are, the delicate tooth pulp inside could be exposed and the rest of the tooth could have sharp edges, putting gums and soft tissue at risk.
  • Wobbly tooth – if your tooth’s at risk of falling out, again, a trip to the emergency dentist in London is in order. They might be able to save it.
  • Lost tooth – provided you still have it, and can get to an emergency dentist quickly enough, it might be possible to reinsert the tooth. Pop it in some milk to help preserve it.
  • Crowns – all of the above might apply to a dental crown.
  • Pain – extremely painful toothache could be a sign of infection or other problems. It’s best to get it looked at by your emergency dentist.
  • Infection – a key sign of dental infection is an abscess. If left untreated, the infection could spread or cause problems around the body (such as fever).Blue line on the page to separate the page.

How can you manage your dental emergency at home?

There are lots you can do.

  • First and foremost, book an appointment to see our London emergency dentist as quickly as you can.
  • Take pain relief, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to manage discomfort.
  • Keep hold of a lost tooth or crown (in milk) in case it can be reinserted.
  • If in doubt, call the NHS 111 number for medical enquiries, or the 999 number for emergencies where there has been a lot of blood loss or the person has lost consciousness.

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Book your emergency dentist appointment in London today!