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Options for Adult Braces in Clapham?

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2nd February 2022

Options for Adult Braces in Clapham?

Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we like to provide our patients with many choices when it comes to braces. The ever-increasing popularity of Invisalign shouldn’t overshadow the fact that there are several good options out there, and that different smile-correction treatments work best for different people.

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Damon Braces in Clapham

Damon braces are considerably more discreet, comfortable, and effective than traditional, ‘train-track’ braces. Both traditional and Damon braces rely on arched wires to help realign the teeth, but traditional ones use elastics to hold the wire in place, which can cause friction and discomfort. Damon Braces use a self-ligating system – a sliding mechanism that reduces friction and makes the movement of teeth more gradual.

Damon braces are often chosen for their speed, achieving the same results as traditional ones up to 4 months quicker.

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As discreet as Damon braces are, many patients want to keep their smile-correction treatment private. We fit Lingual Braces to the back of the teeth, making them the least visible, fixed orthodontic solution there is. Relying on a metal wire and bracket system, they are robust and effective, able to fix any type of malocclusion including crowded teeth, gapping, and bite issues such as an open bite, overbite, crossbite, or underbite.

Another advantage of lingual braces is that your teeth are visible throughout the treatment, enabling you to see changes as they happen. Additionally, they continually apply pressure to the teeth, achieving faster results than removable aligners. They also require less maintenance than Invisalign – you won’t need to remove them for cleaning, which means you can’t lose them or forget to put them back in!

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Invisalign braces are popular for a reason. They have no wires or brackets, so they can’t develop sharp, protruding parts, and there’s no food debris getting stuck. They are designed to be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth, so there is no impact on your diet, and they can be removed before playing the sport, avoiding the risk of damage and extra visits to the dentist. Invisalign trays are specifically designed for your mouth, based on 3D imagery taken at your consultation, making them as comfortable as can be. Lastly, Invisalign aligners are discreet, barely visible even when face to face, making them a good option for anyone who might otherwise be self-conscious about their appearance during treatment

It is worth bearing in mind that although Invisalign aligners can address most malocclusions, they are not as effective as fixed braces when it comes to highly complex bite issues, and because they are only in place 20-22 hours a day, they take longer to achieve results. It’s possible to lose an aligner, or for it to discolour if you eat, drink or smoke while wearing them.

Invisalign is a great solution for patients with personal discipline.

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