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When To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

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13th April 2021

When To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment in London

Accidents and emergencies – sometimes, they seem entirely unavoidable. But what can you do if an emergency situation occurs? How do you know whether your problem is an emergency? And when should you book in with an emergency dentist in London? We’ll answer these questions – and more – in today’s post, where our expert London dentists weigh in on all things emergency.

Identifying an emergency

Before booking an emergency dentist appointment in London, it’s essential to work out whether your situation is a true dental emergency, or whether treatment can wait.

One of the biggest clues that the problem needs urgent attention is pain (which may also present with symptoms such as bleeding or swelling). If you’re in severe dental pain (yes, including toothache), and you can’t get relief from medications such as paracetamol, then the chances are, it’s an emergency, and should book an appointment with our emergency dentists in London.

Another common situation which may require an emergency dentist is a broken, snapped, wobbly tooth – or one that’s missing altogether! Of course, in many cases, you’ll have associated pain, too. Thankfully, a knocked-out or missing tooth could possibly be re-inserted, broken teeth can often be repaired and missing teeth can be replaced.

Finally, infection is another big reason to visit the emergency dentist in London, and again, can cause pain and sensitivity in the affected area. Infections are often caused by untreated tooth decay, but it’s possible there could be another problem behind it.

Here is a list of common dental emergencies where you can click to get more information:

Treating a dental emergency in London

Timing is always crucial in an emergency – the quicker you get help, the more likely it is you could save a tooth or prevent further problems (and, essentially, more complex treatment). Get in touch with our emergency dentist in London as soon as you develop any of the symptoms we’ve listed, and if in doubt, ring 111 for advice and information.

Bear in mind that in a dental emergency, we may simply aim to make you comfortable enough until an appointment is available for further treatment. We may also need to refer you to specialist medical services.

Preventing emergencies

Our expert London dentists know that emergencies and accidents can happen to any of us, seemingly at any time. However, there are certain things you can do to help minimise the chances of one occurring. These include:

  • Seeing your dentist as advised, to identify problems early
  • Practising good oral care, to prevent decay, infection and other issues
  • Wearing mouthguards when playing sports

Book your emergency dentist appointment in London today!