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Dental Fillings: Silver vs White

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22nd December 2021

Dental Fillings: Silver vs White

Looking to see the answer to silver fillings vs white fillings? Our latest blog answers some of your burning questions, so you can decide between silver or white fillings.

What are fillings?

Fillings do what it says on the tin – they help to fill a hole (cavity, or dental caries) in a tooth. They’re strong, durable and inexpensive, and can mean all the difference between restoring your smile and saving a tooth, or being left with a gap or tooth that could decay over time.

What are fillings made of?

Typically, you can choose between metal amalgam fillings and white fillings, like ceramic. Obviously, these differ greatly in terms of appearance, as a white filling is much less noticeable, however, some people consider metal fillings to be more durable. In our opinion, dental advances mean the two are comparable these days, but we prefer to restore our patients’ smiles as best as we can and favour white fillings.

Which filling is cheaper?

We don’t offer metal fillings here at our Clapham dental practice. White fillings can sometimes be considered more expensive, as pricing reflects that the procedure needs more skill (and sometimes, time) to carry out.

How do the procedures differ?

White fillings use a special composite resin. The putty-like substance is malleable and adjustable until set, so can be perfectly shaped for your tooth. A UV light hardens it in place. Metal fillings are similar, but the amalgam hardens quickly without the need for UV. Also, white fillings need a dry area for the putty to be placed.

Is pain relief needed?

Over-the-counter pain relief can be used afterwards if you have any soreness, but often, a filling is used to help treat pain in the tooth if an infection has formed in the cavity. If you’re unsure about what to take, talk to us, or your doctor. Bear in mind that your filling can be placed under local anaesthetic in some cases. Still, experiencing pain a few days after treatment? There may be a problem, so get in touch.

What else do I need to know?

Now you know the main components between silver fillings vs white fillings, it’s interesting to note that white filling material is also used in other areas of dentistry. For example in composite bonding and in dental crowns. This shows how strong, durable and realistic the material truly is.

What’s my next step?

Talk to us, and we’ll arrange treatment here at our friendly, professional dental studio right in Clapham. Get in touch via our contact page or simply call us at 020 7622 5333. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve a healthy, happy smile in the future.