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Does Botox Make You Look Older When It Wears Off?

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22nd December 2021

Does Botox Make You Look Older When It Wears Off?

We’re jumping straight into the questions in today’s blog post, so let’s take a look at Botox, and why people are concerned about their appearance once this transformational injectable wears off. We’ll first explain a bit about what Botox is and how it works, to give you some background. We’ll then get to the questions!

Botox in short

The best way to explain what Botox is, is to look at some other names: anti-wrinkle injections, or wrinkle relaxers. It helps to temporarily (though over a period of around 4 months) relax and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and it does this by targeting nerves associated with muscle movement. In other words, by reducing movement, you can reduce wrinkles.

Botox as an anti-ageing treatment

Botox is best-known as an aesthetic procedure for those who already have lines and wrinkles, but due to its ability to reduce muscle movement, it can also help to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place – simply by targeting areas that see frequent movement.

Duration of Botox

As we’ve mentioned, 3-4 months of results are typical for Botox, so you’ll need top-up treatment to prolong its effects. Towards the end, you’ll begin to see more movement in treated areas, which can make lines and wrinkles more pronounced. If you choose not to have further treatment, the full range of movement will return and your wrinkles will appear as they did before you had the treatment. If you compare your skin during and after this period, you will feel you appear older afterwards as you have been used to seeing your fantastic, smoothed-skin results. But, rest assured, the treatment itself will not make you appear more aged.

Botox alternatives

We’re sometimes asked about other treatments that can be used instead of wrinkle relaxers, but actually, Botox serves a very specific purpose as it is movement-limiting. There is no other aesthetic treatment on the market that has this same ability. However, this also means Botox is only recommended for areas that see movement, and where wrinkles form due to movement. Maybe your lines and wrinkles have formed due to sun damage, in which case, dermal fillers might be better.

Booking Treatment

Whether it’s wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers or something else, we always ask our clients to attend a consultation before treatment. Book yours through our contact page and we’ll get in touch with you shortly after.