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How to maintain your teeth whitening results

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28th January 2019

How to maintain your teeth whitening results

So, you’ve either opted for our in-clinic Philips Zoom! teeth whitening, or you’ve gone with our Opalescence home teeth whitening kit. Either way, a great choice! But now you’re enjoying your teeth whitening results, how do you maintain them and keep your teeth sparkling white for the longest time possible?


Here’s how to maintain your teeth whitening results!


Avoid these staining properties

Tea, coffee, and red wine: These drinks are all made from natural plants and beans, so they contain a naturally occurring organic substance called tannins. These tannins lend themselves to the strong colour and taste, but ultimately, they also cause staining. Tannins are naturally brown-red in colour, and they’ll stick to your enamel to taint your teeth this colour too! The stronger you have your tea or the coffee, the more concentrated the tannins are and therefore more likely to stain. Red wine can even dry your mouth out, making the tannins stick more as they’re less likely to be washed away without saliva. Cut back on these tasty yet staining drinks to maintain your teeth whitening results.


Smoking:  Millions of Brits smoke on a daily basis, but the mixture of nicotine and tar creates brown-yellow staining on your teeth. Because your teeth have tiny ‘pores’ the nicotine and tar can easily soak in. Nicotine by itself is a colourless chemical, but when it comes into contact with oxygen it turns yellow. This means even e-cigarettes or vape pens can cause teeth staining. Cut back on smoking, whether e-cigarettes or regular tobacco, to help preserve your nice white teeth.


Pigmented foods:  Foods that are rich in colour and pigments, such as curries and strongly pigmented fruit, are also packed full of staining power. Curries are one of the nation’s favourite foods but, whether through additives or their natural spices, are coloured bright yellows and reds. Regularly indulging in curries could stain your teeth through these enhanced and vibrant colours. Pigmented fruits like blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates are known to leave purple-red stains on your teeth because of their strong tannins.


Make your teeth whitening results last

Regular cleaning:  Keeping up your dental hygiene routine at home is absolutely essential to maintaining your teeth whitening results. This means brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and using an anti-sceptic mouthwash to help keep bacteria at bay and stains off your teeth. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs as dentists in Clapham if we didn’t remind you of the importance of brushing your teeth for both health and cosmetic reasons!


Drink water:  You may not be able to clean your teeth after every meal if you’re at work or out and about but drinking water afterwards could help to lessen staining. The water will lubricate your mouth and help to wash away any residual food particles, juices, and debris that could otherwise stick to your teeth. This works especially well after drinking tea, coffee, and wine, as it gives your teeth a little wash and break from the tannins. Try this after any encounter with the staining properties above, and you could enjoy long-lasting teeth whitening results.


If you’re considering teeth whitening in London, always come to the licensed professionals. Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we have both in-practice and at-home teeth whitening systems, so that you can brighten your smile at a time and place to suit you! Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 020 7622 5333 to book your initial consultation today.

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