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Change Your Teeth, Not Your Life With Orthodontic Braces

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9th May 2016

Change Your Teeth, Not Your Life With Orthodontic Braces

For adults considering orthodontic braces, it’s natural to ask, “Will I have to make changes to my lifestyle to wear braces?”, “How convenient are braces?” or “Will they interfere with my life?”

The orthodontic solutions we offer at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice in South West London have been created with busy adults in mind. We want you to be able to have effective and discreet teeth straightening treatment without it creating chaos to your busy schedule and the lifestyle you enjoy.

So, what can you expect when you have your teeth straightened with a brace or aligner?

Fixed orthodontic braces

If you opt for a fixed brace system, such as Damon clear or metal braces, or lingual braces that fit behind rather than in front of your teeth, then you may need to make some adjustments to your diet during your treatment. Very hard or sticky foods, such as toffees or chewing gum, can potentially get caught in or damage the brackets or wires in the brace system, and should be avoided.

During your treatment, we would recommend that you carry a travel teeth cleaning kit at all times. This is because you should brush your teeth after each meal. Brushing your teeth will help prevent food from getting trapped within your braces and increasing your risk of tooth decay. This is probably the biggest lifestyle change associated with braces. The fact that you’ll need to find a few minutes after mealtimes to clean your teeth.

One of the many benefits of clear orthodontic braces, such as the Damon Clear, is that – thanks to the special slide mechanism that means we don’t need to use elastic ties. Damon braces are also easier and quicker to adjust than traditional metal braces. This can help keep the time you need to spend in the dentist’s chair to a minimum throughout your treatment.

Clear aligners

We are a Silver Provider of Invisalign clear aligners for adults and teens. Invisalign is a fantastic solution if you want a teeth straightening solution with the maximum flexibility and convenience. Invisalign incorporates a series of clear, removable aligners that you change once a fortnight. Each new aligner will gradually move your teeth into their new, straight position. You can take the aligners out whenever you want to eat or drink anything other than water. The aligner will also need removing when it’s time to brush or floss your teeth; you can even take them out for special occasions.

The only changes you would have to make to your lifestyle with Invisalign is to brush your teeth every time you eat or drink. This will help to prevent the aligners from getting stained or from food getting stuck between the aligner and your teeth.

As we can give you several aligners at each review appointment and use special ClinCheck software to map out the movement we want your teeth to take, this helps to keep the time you’ll need to spend at orthodontic appointments to a minimum, meaning you can have your teeth straightened without it interfering with your other commitments.

Minimal lifestyle changes, maximum benefits with braces

As you can see, the lifestyle changes associated with orthodontic braces are minimal and should not disrupt your life significantly. On the flipside, there are many long-term benefits of having orthodontic treatment. Straighter teeth tend to be easier to look after, helping to prevent problems associated with gum disease and tooth decay. Straighter teeth can be a fantastic confidence booster that can change your lifestyle in positive ways.

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