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Why we champion the role of the dental hygienist at our South West London practice

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Here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we believe that the dental hygienist is one of the most important people in the dental health team – that’s why we have four hygienists to support our patients.

Our dental hygienists are on the front line when it comes to helping you keep your teeth fit and well throughout your lifetime. The services they offer – from carrying out a regular scale and polish to giving you dietary and cleaning advice relating to your teeth – have a strong preventative focus, which is very much at the core of our practice-wide ethos. With their help, we can work towards ensuring that you rarely, if ever, need more invasive dental treatments, such as fillings, crowns, bridges or dental implants.

Why visit the hygienist?

How often you need to visit the hygienist will depend on your individual case. Some people only need to come in for an appointment once or twice a year, while others benefit from a scale and polish at least once every three months.

When you visit the hygienist, she will not only give your teeth a deep clean to remove any build-up of tartar, but she can also help you identify problem areas where you are getting a lot of deposits and how you might change your daily cleaning routine to tackle these potential decay hotspots.

Although we appreciate that you’ve been brushing your teeth your whole life, we all fall into bad habits sometimes and our hygienists can help you to make slight tweaks to your brushing for the good of your oral health. She can also advise you about flossing your teeth and what floss or interdental brushes to use.

If you’re currently having orthodontic treatment, our hygienists can help you to take care of your teeth and your braces to protect your tooth enamel throughout your treatment, and ensure that your teeth still look clean and healthy when your braces are removed.

Fighting gum disease

Hygienists are particularly essential to the fight against gum disease. The soft tissues in your mouth, especially your gums, act as the foundation for your teeth. If your gums are unhealthy, you can become prone to bleeding gums, bad breath, infections, tooth decay and, eventually, tooth loss.

In turn, tooth loss and gum disease have been associated with bone loss, as well as serious health problems such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and certain types of cancers. By helping to keep your gums healthy, the hygienist can also help to keep your overall health and wellbeing in tip-top condition.

For these reasons and many more, we champion the role of that our dental hygienists play and think they are the unsung heroes behind so many beautiful smiles.

To find out more about visiting a hygienist in South West London at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, give us a call on 020 7622 533 to book a consultation.