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Why Choose Crescent Lodge Dental Practice South West London

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28th April 2017

Why Choose Crescent Lodge Dental Practice South West London

When it comes to looking after the teeth of the people of south west London, few dental practices can offer a better service than Crescent Lodge Dental. We have one of the largest, longest established practices in London and are committed to investing in our staff and technology. This is why we are proud to have an award-winning team and are able to offer our patients a uniquely high quality service.

Our range of services is very comprehensive and we are experienced in putting both adults and children at ease. Our combined expertise means that we are well equipped to deal with dental emergencies when they arrive, deliver optimal results for cosmetic procedures and provide reliable ongoing general dentistry and hygiene treatments as and when our patients need them. Here’s what we can offer:

General dentistry at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice South West London

If you’re suffering from tooth pains, sore bleeding gums, or a hygiene issue, we can help. We can fill cavities discreetly, whilst ensuring you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. If you have an infection, or risk of infection, we can perform complicated root canal surgery to prevent you from losing the affected tooth. As for decay, our hygiene treatment will help keep your teeth healthy and looking great.

Cosmetic dentistry in south west London

Many of our patients visit us because they’d like to enhance the appearance of their teeth and make them appear more attractive. We can restore chipped or cracked teeth with veneers and crowns. We also fit bridges to give you a prosthesis if you have teeth missing.

Smile makeovers are performed on an individual basis, taking in the needs of each patient. For example, if your teeth are stained, or discoloured, we will recommend a whitening treatment. If your tooth is broken, we will assess whether a veneer or a crown will be more appropriate.

Orthodontic treatment in south west London

Do you or your kids need your teeth straightening? With so many discreet options now available in the marketplace, you have a wealth of choice available to you to move your teeth into alignment, whilst wearing braces that are virtually invisible. Our preferred braces brands are

1. Removable clear aligners which fit over the teeth and are taken out to eat and brush your teeth.
2. Lingual braces which are fitted to the back of your teeth.
3. Damon clear braces, which are self-litigating, translucent braces

Facial aesthetics

In addition to our dental treatments, we also provide a number of non-invasive rejuvenating procedures. Botox in Clapham is great for smoothing over wrinkles on the other face, while dermal fillers will add volume to sunken areas and fill in deep creases. Our dermaroller tool provides a microneedling experience, which encourages the production of collagen in your skin and helps damaged or ageing skin layers to repair themselves naturally. Our cosmetic procedures should help you turn back the clock by several years.

Join our practice

To join our south west London dental practice, book a consultation, or enquire about the treatments we provide, please give our friendly Crescent Lodge Dental Practice reception team a call. We’ll be able to guide you through our services with a view to helping you find the most appropriate course of action for you. Please get in touch.

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