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10 different ways our Clapham dentists can transform your teeth in 2018

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30th January 2018

10 different ways our Clapham dentists can transform your teeth in 2018

Looking forward to the promise of a new year and a new you? Many of us have made resolutions about transforming ourselves into somebody fitter, healthier and more attractive. What if we could help provide you with a shortcut to the latter, so you could show off your enhancements even sooner?

Our south west London dentists offer a range of different cosmetic dental procedures, as well as a number of treatments to rejuvenate your skin. Depending on what frustrates you most about your appearance, we can offer a solution. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular treatments we offer

  1. Braces: Move your teeth into better alignment with our range of discreet, comfortable braces and transform your smile.
  2. White fillings: Replaces prominent metal fillings with white ones. Few people will notice you’ve got any fillings at all.
  3. Veneers: Teeth with minor chips or cracks in them can be restored using veneers; thin slivers of porcelain that replace missing corners and edges.
  4. Caps: If your teeth are chipped or cracked in a more major way, the best aesthetic solution may be to fit a crown over the top of what remains of the original tooth. This will also protect what’s left of it. Your new crown will look just like a natural tooth.
  5. Tooth whitening: Brighten yellowing or stained teeth by several shades with a tooth whitening treatment.
  6. Dental implants: Replace missing teeth with a natural-looking and permanent alternative. Tooth implants are anchored firmly into the jaw, so there’s no chance they’ll shift about in the mouth, or fall out accidentally.
  7. Bridges: When more than one tooth is missing in a row, a bridge may be necessary. A bridge holds more than one crown and is anchored in place with an implant at each end, giving you a row of replacement teeth.
  8. Botox: Botox is designed to smooth over wrinkles on the upper face and is most commonly used to conceal lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and to the sides of the eyes.
  9. Dermal fillers: Fillers are used to add volume to thinning skin. If your skin is starting to sag or look a little sallow under the eyes or around the temples, dermal fillers will give you a renewed youthful plumpness in these areas.
  10. Dermaroller: Dermaroller is a great way to get rid of unsightly scars or skin blemishes. This microneedling treatment tricks the face into thinking it has a wound and in this way, your body will create new skin tissue as a replacement for the damaged skin.

For your new look, why not give us a call to book yourself in for a consultation with our south west London dentist and see what’s possible. We look forward to providing you with some exciting and natural-looking enhancements.