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Crescent Lodge Dental – Our Clapham dental practice can help you look after your gums

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30th January 2018

Crescent Lodge Dental – Our Clapham dental practice can help you look after your gums

Gums are the structures that keep your teeth in place. Without healthy, firm gums, your teeth would become loose and the key to looking after your gums is keeping them free from disease with regular brushing. It’s when plaque forms along the gum line that tartar forms; a result of leftover food deposits staying on your teeth after brushing them.

Gum disease is more common than you may thing. You yourself may have noticed some symptoms of gum disease before. Have your ever noticed your gum looking a bit redder than usual? Perhaps you’ve experienced some blood in the sink after brushing. These are symptoms of the early stages of gum disease, along with bad breath.

Ginigivitis, which is the medical term for early gum disease is reversible. When gum therapy is applied by a hygienist, you can restore your gum to health. If your early stage gum disease is not reversed, the condition worsens to periodontitis; a less reversible form of gum disease.

It’s worth noting, before you let this happen, that as well as being bad news for keeping your natural teeth in place, periodontitis has been linked to serious health risk conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes. If you haven’t visited a dentist for a while, why not pop along to our South West London dental clinic and have your gums assessed. You might be very glad you did!

The best way to keep your gums healthy in Clapham

In order to maintain the health of your gums, it’s essential that you join a dental practice, if you haven’t already. Your dentist will be able to keep an eye on your gums for you at your annual check. In the meantime, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly and quitting smoking, if you’re a smoker, can all help you keep your gums healthy.

Why suffer an increased risk of tooth loss, or heart disease, when it’s really not necessary? Please give our south west London dental practice a call to book yourself in for an examination. We’ll make sure your teeth are as healthy as they can be and can also offer you a range of cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance too.

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