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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Advantages of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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26th January 2017

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Advantages of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Does it seem like everybody in London, who looks successful, has had teeth whitening treatment? This is probably because it’s a known fact that whiter teeth have the power to help you get promoted at work, find a new job more easily and even make you more desirable to the opposite sex.

Many different surveys have researched the impact whiter, healthier teeth can have on your life and the results are dramatic. If you’ve never been a big fan of dentists (don’t worry – dental phobia is very common), but you’re wondering what sort of changes you can induce by getting your discoloured teeth whitened, we can help!

As well as offering in-surgery Zoom! treatment, we also prescribe an effective home kit than you can use at your own convenience, in your own preferred surroundings. We are well aware that it’s possible to buy home teeth whitening kits from many different shops and even online, so what’s the advantage of taking a home kit from your dentist? The main difference is the professional guarantee you get that the product will work.

If you buy an unbranded box of whitening gel online, how do you know it will work? We see many customers, who after having spent lots of money on multiple cheap kits in a bid to get their teeth whiter, have finally given up and come to us for more reliable treatment.

Here at our London-based Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, we can provide you with the leading brand of teeth whitener; Opalescence, a kit so good it needs to be provided by a professional dentist. In addition to the kit, we’ll also provide you with custom-made mouth trays in which to put your whitening gel and full guidance on what you’ll need to do and when. As the mouth trays will have been designed for your individual set of teeth, they’ll be more comfortable to wear for hours on end, than the generic trays you find in generic kits.

Why choose Opalescence?

With Opalescence, you can expect long-lasting results. Your teeth will remain whiter and brighter for up to 2 years following treatment. You’ll also have the option of top-up trays to keep them looking perfect. You won’t need to return to your stained, or discoloured tooth colour.

These home kits are very convenient. You don’t have to struggle to fit a long dental appointment in after work. You can simply perform the treatment on yourself, when you have the time. You’ll be feeling more relaxed as well, because you’ll be in your own home (or wherever you choose to be because the kits are portable) and be able to carry out the leisure activity of your choosing at the same time. You can watch television, listen to music or read a book, while the Opalescence teeth whitening trays carry out the treatment.

Home kits also inevitably cost less than in-surgery treatment. You can have your teeth whitened professionally, whilst paying less for the privilege.

Would you like to find out more about the process of home teeth whitening? Are you based in London? Why not give our respected practice a call and book a consultation. Our expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have and book an appointment to have impressions made, from which we will create the custom mouth trays. Please give us a call.

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