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Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Why dental veneers?

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8th February 2017

Crescent Lodge Dental Practice – Why dental veneers?

Is that crack in your tooth still bothering you when you look in the mirror? Has it got worse? I wonder how bad it has to get before you start considering having  dental veneers fitted. Dental veneers consist of a sliver of porcelain bonded to your tooth by a dentist to effectively mend your tooth. It’ll make your tooth look great, protect your tooth from further damage and give you the confidence to smile again. Just a little word of warning, if you wait too long to restore the crack in your tooth, you risk your tooth becoming more damaged and looking even worse.

You’d be surprised the effects a great smile can have on your life. A smile is not just something that can affect how happy you feel (studies have linked smiling to a natural endorphin release) but also to how successful you are. In numerous studies, company bosses have admitted that having an attractive smile can influence hiring and promoting decisions. There have been similar results in dating surveys, with good teeth appearing consistently in lists of what people look for in a potential partner. Could you be holding yourself back by not getting dental veneers?

How are dental veneers fitted?

Dental veneers will improve the look of your damaged tooth. Fitting a veneer is a procedure that should be performed by an experienced dentist.  In the first instance, you’ll have a consultation with the dentist to discuss the dental veneers and how it will look. An impression will be made of your tooth in order to create the slivers of porcelain that will make up your dental veneers. It’s essential that the pieces are the correct shape, size and colour to achieve a perfect match. Once your dentist has those pieces of porcelain, they can then be bonded to  your teeth to restore it as flawlessly as possible.

Having dental veneers will enhance your smile and protect your tooth, reducing your need to have a crown fitted at a later date, which is a more involved, more invasive procedure that takes place to protect teeth that are too damaged for a veneer. Please bear in mind that to fit the dental veneers, we may have to shape the tooth that’s going to receive it. A local anaesthetic will be provided to ensure you suffer the least possible discomfort.

Dental veneers can be the best solution for a number of different dental issues, not just chipped or cracked teeth. They can also fix some misalignment, spacing and discolouration issues as well as worn enamel problems. If you’d like to find out whether you’d be suitable for veneers, or even if a veneer is the best course of treatment to fix your individual teeth, please book a consultation with our friendly dentists here at Crescent Lodge. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and find an appointment time that’s convenient for you.

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