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Dental Implants Procedure: What To Expect

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24th August 2021

Dental Implants Procedure: What To Expect

Missing teeth? No problem. With our expert dentists, we can restore the appearance of your smile – as well as talking, eating, chewing and the functional side of your teeth – with state-of-the-art dental implants. In this post, we’ll talk about how they work, what they’re made of, and what’s involving during treatment. Then all that’s left to do is book your dental implant consultation with us here in Clapham.

Dental implants explained

First off, we’ll just go over what these clever teeth are. They’re essentially permanent false teeth, which are surgically implanted, and can replace individual, multiple, and all missing teeth. So, if you’ve got gaps in your smile which are affecting your confidence or ability to eat and enjoy life, we can help here at our Clapham dentist.

To find out more about the types of dental implant we provide, you can visit our treatment page here.

Tooth implants under the microscope

Many of our patients ask us, ‘’what are dental implants made of?’’. In short, they’re a combination of ceramic and metal, with two parts that fit expertly together to restore your missing tooth (or teeth!). The root part is made of metal that fuses comfortably and securely with your jaw and underlying tissue, while the ceramic part is the crown that looks and acts like a real tooth.

The dental implant procedure

Once you’ve had a consultation and we’re sure treatment is suitable for your smile, we’ll book in your treatment. On the day, our dentists talk you through the process, make sure you’re comfortable, and numb the area before we start the surgery. It’s a small, minimally-invasive procedure that involves a small incision, insertion of the tooth implant, and in some cases, stitches. We’ll also go over aftercare in detail, so you’re confident you know how to care for your new dental implant while it heals.

The two parts to tooth implants

As we’ve covered, the dental implants are made of a root and crown. This means they’re fitted at different times, to encourage healing in between. We’ll talk to you about this during your consultation, and advise when you’ll be able to have the crown fitted. We can craft a temporary crown for you to wear in the meantime.

Enjoying your new smile

Tooth implants are sturdy, dependable and strong. You won’t have any sliding or slipping as you would with dentures, or any wobbling that you might have with bridges. And they’re realistic and discreet too, so other people probably won’t notice them. Best of all, they’re just as easy to care for as your natural teeth!

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