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Teeth Whitening from home – What are the benefits?

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15th July 2019

Teeth Whitening from home – What are the benefits?

The television is always full of chirpy characters displaying rows of bright, white, shiny teeth, that make people look more youthful than their years, full of health, and more than a little attractive. How are they are doing it? Surely they’re all drinking the same amount of teeth-staining coffee and tea as us? Surely they’ve all got at least one piece of discoloured enamel in their mouths? The answer is they will undoubtedly be using teeth whitening kits. 

Our Clapham home teeth whitening kits are ideal for brightening the shade of your teeth. How do you currently feel about your teeth? Do you feel they’re a little yellow; something that happens naturally as we age. Or do you have one or two discoloured teeth in prominent places that stop you from smiling as widely and as spontaneously as you like? We can help you achieve a brighter, whiter, more attractive smile.


The benefits of a professional home teeth whitening kit from our Clapham practice

Firstly a word of warning about the tooth whitening kits that you can buy online. They are not prescribed by a professional dentist. If the kit you buy isn’t regulated, then you have no way of knowing what chemicals are present in the product and the effects they can have on your natural teeth. If you’re buying a well-known brand of tooth-whitener, bear in mind that for you to apply it to your teeth yourself, with no dental credentials, the number of active ingredients in the pack must be severely limited.

The product, by its very nature, will be nowhere near as effective as one we can provide. You could find yourself applying kit after kit and ultimately throwing lots of money at your stained teeth, without actually getting any benefits. Or worse, you could cause damage to your teeth that a professional treatment will struggle to correct. When you whiten your teeth in this way, the results are unpredictable.


Clapham teeth whitening

When you have a Clapham teeth whitening treatment, you will notice the difference in your smile. We use a top of the range tooth whitening brand, that has proven to be effective and provide reliable results every time. In addition to that, when you visit us for your consultation, we’ll examine your teeth and give them a clean up beforehand to ensure your teeth are fully prepared to receive the whitening gel. Should your problem be one or two heavily discoloured teeth, you might also benefit from veneers.

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The whitening gel will be placed, by you, under our instruction, into comfortable, custom made moulds at night, before being applied to your upper and lower rows of teeth. You will repeat this process over several nights. It’s a safe, very low-risk treatment, but should you have any problems, a professional dentist will be on hand to help. At the end of the treatment period, you’ll have whiter, younger-looking teeth. Ready to renew the confidence you have in your smile, and book yourself in for some teeth whitening in Clapham? Then please, get in touch.

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