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When to visit an Emergency Dentist in London

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20th June 2019

When to visit an Emergency Dentist in London

Do you know when the right time is to book an emergency dentist appointment? Do you have to be missing a tooth, or can you receive care for something less drastic? The team at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice are going to give you a quick and simple breakdown of when to visit your emergency dentist in London.

It’s difficult to know when you need an emergency dentist appointment in London because the definition of an emergency can be very subjective. In some cases you may need to visit A&E, but if you’re not sure about whether you should then contact the NHS number 111 to receive advice from a member of the NHS medical team.

High-priority emergency dentist appointments involve:

– One or more teeth are knocked out due to an accident or trauma.

– One or more teeth have been knocked dangerously loose after an accident or trauma.

– Significant bleeding that won’t stop or cannot be controlled.

– Severe pain that is unresponsive to painkillers or has seemingly come out of nowhere.

– Wounds to the lips, tongue, or cheeks.

– Swelling that is inhibiting your ability to breathe or swallow.

Medium-priority emergency dentists appointments involve:

– A physically damaged tooth has been chipped or broken, exposing the lower layers of the tooth. This may be sensitive when breathing, drinking, and eating.

– Infection or abscess has risen (including if this abscess begins to bleed or weep)

– Severe toothache, swelling, or bleeding, that occurs soon after a recent dental treatment such as a filling, tooth extraction, root canal, or dental implant placement.

– A tooth or multiple teeth has been knocked out of alignment.

– Where multiple brackets or parts of a dental appliance have become loose and are physically damaging or cutting the inside of the mouth or impairing function (such as slipped brace brackets or snapped wires from the braces).

– Cracked or fractured teeth.

Minor emergency dentists appointments involve:

– If the teeth have sustained a significant impact, even if there is no pain.

– A chipped tooth, where a small piece of the tooth is missing.

– Loose, swallowed, or lost dental filling(s).

– Detached restoration such as a crown or bridge.

– Loose or detached brace or orthodontic appliance.

Emergency dentists in London

Because life is unpredictable and you never know what’s around that next corner, we offer emergency dentists appointments in London so that you can receive expert care and advice in your time of need. If your emergency is out of our practice hours (which are extended to 8 pm most weekdays to keep our services accessible) please call NHS 111 for advice. If your emergency is within our hours, please call us on 020 7622 5333 and we’ll do our best to see you.

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