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How Do Dental Implants Work?

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19th June 2021

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Here in Clapham Common, our dental practice uses dental implants to restore missing teeth. Whether a single, individual tooth, several teeth in a row, or a complete top or bottom set, tooth implants provide a realistic and strong solution that can last a lifetime.

A solid root and crown

Dental implants are crafted from two pieces: a metal root and a ceramic crown. The root provides a solid foundation for the tooth, while the crown functions just like natural teeth do, and restores bite and chewing forces.

Dental implants are minimally-invasive

Placing a tooth implant is relatively straightforward, and any pain can be managed with a local anaesthetic. An incision is made, followed by a tiny hole, before the metal root is gently screwed into place. Once the gum has healed, the crown can then be fitted. Any discomfort afterwards can generally be managed with over-the-counter medicines.

Lasting results

Unlike dentures, which can quickly wear and need replacing, tooth implants are strong, solid and dependable. Providing you follow a good oral health routine, so there’s minimal risk of gum recession, they should last a lifetime.

Dental implants are easy to care for

Another great advantage of dental implants is how easy they are to look after – no more difficult, in fact than your natural teeth. All it takes is brushing and flossing twice daily; keeping up with regular dental check-ups; and easing out of bad habits, like chewing pens, which could damage your precious tooth implant.

Dental implants offer a realistic solution

Our patients love how dental implants look, as well as how they feel and their ability to restore bite, chew and smile. Crafted from ceramic, they won’t look out of place in your mouth. They’ll blend seamlessly with your smile, and can even be colour-matched to your existing teeth.

Dental excellence

Here in Clapham Common, we’re known not just for our range of treatments and convenient London location, but also our patient testimonials – a reason alone to choose our practice.  We like to treat every patient exactly how we’d treat our own family, and aim to put you right at home the moment you walk into our friendly dental practice. Finally, we’re committed to your care, even after your treatment – which is why we may offer follow-ups or aftercare advice.

Book your tooth implants

Get in touch with our dentist in Clapham Common dental practice to arrange a consultation for dental implants. We’ll then talk you through the implantation process, risks and benefits in a bit more detail, helping you make the best decision for you. Find all our contact details over on our contact page or simply book online.