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What To Expect: First Week Of Invisalign Braces

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2nd March 2021

What To Expect: First Week Of Invisalign Braces

Congratulations on joining the Invisalign family! We’re so pleased you’ve started your teeth-straightening journey with our professional dentists here in Clapham Common. The next step is finding out all about that first week of treatment, and what you can expect to happen – so we’ll go into a bit more detail about that in this post, as well as offer some top tips for caring for your smile during treatment. Of course, we recognise that some of our readers may not have yet taken the ‘plunge’, but keep reading – there’s lots of useful information about Invisalign in this post, and it may help you make that all-important decision.
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Invisalign: A new sensation

Suddenly going from having nothing in your mouth to constantly wearing Invisalign trays can feel strange at first! But like with any brace, it’s a feeling you’ll get used to in time. Thanks to their strong acrylic design, your dentist can trim your aligners to fit your gumline comfortably, without damaging them.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

Pop on and off your invisible aligners

Our patients in Clapham love the freedom of removing their Invisalign clear braces – which helps when eating, teeth-cleaning and cleaning the aligners themselves. As most patients need to wear their Invisalign braces 20-22 hours per day, it also means you can have at least a couple without wearing them at all. It does take practice to get used to putting them in and taking them out, but your dentist will help demonstrate this to you so you know what to expect.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

Getting used to talking

Some people find that speaking takes a little getting used to when they first put their aligners in – for example, you might have a slight lisp. This usually passes in time as you adjust to wearing your new Invisalign, and it’s a common concern with any type of brace.Blue line on the page to separate the page.

A tiny bit tight?

When wearing your brand new aligner – and changing to a new set – you might experience some temporary tightness. This is all normal and means that they’re doing their job, gently applying pressure to your teeth to move them into their new positionsBlue line on the page to separate the page.

Our top tips for Invisalign clear braces in Clapham

  • Always remove when eating, to prevent damage and discolouration
  • Store your braces in a case when removed, to prevent loss or damage
  • Clean with Invisalign’s crystals and never with a toothbrush or mouthwash
  • Download Invisalign’s app to help track your progress and share your results

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Talk to us today

If you’re concerned about the treatment or want to try Invisalign for yourself, get in touch with our dentists here in Clapham Common today.

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