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How Does An Emergency Dentist Work?

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10th February 2021

How Does An Emergency Dentist Work?

As one of the leading private dental practices in London, we’re experienced at handling all kinds of dental situations – from routine check-ups to emergency dentist appointments. In this post, our team of dentists will talk about what’s involved during an emergency dentist appointment in London, giving you peace of mind if the unexpected should happen.Contact Our Emergency Dentists in Clapham Today

What can cause a dental emergency?

There are lots of factors that can lead to you needing an emergency dentist appointment in London. These include:

Untreated tooth decay – this can lead to infection or an abscess, as well as pain and sensitivity. Warning signs that something’s wrong include pain when biting/chewing, and sensitivity to the temperature of food and drink.

Accidents & injuries – whether it’s from sports or a physical accident like a fall or a slip, can lead to cracked, broken or knocked-out teeth. You might notice a tooth is loose or wobbly, or it may come out altogether. You may also see that it’s visibly cracked, chipped or snapped.

Wisdom teeth – if a wisdom tooth erupts (comes through) and there’s not enough space to accommodate it, it’s called an impacted tooth. You’ll often experience pain if this is the case, and if untreated, tooth decay and infection can occur.

What do I do in an emergency?

If your concerns match those above – pain, sensitivity, damaged/missing teeth and bleeding – then get in touch with us right away for an emergency dentist appointment in London. If you’re concerned it’s something more serious, contact the NHS 111 service for advice. Signs that it could be something that requires medical attention include severe and uncontrolled swelling and bleeding.

What happens in an emergency dentist appointment in London?

We’ll first assess your mouth and then will provide pain relief and antibiotics (if required) to manage the condition. We can also carry out a simple extraction, or conversely, could help re-insert a knocked-out tooth (depending on the situation). We can then arrange a future appointment for treatment if needed, or can refer you to specialist services, if required.

How can I prevent dental issues?

There are ways you can try to minimise the risk of a dental emergency happening – even though we know that accidents and injuries can’t always be prevented! Here are a few ideas:

– Keep on top of oral health (brushing, flossing etc). This could prevent decay, gum disease, infection and more.
– Use mouthguards. This helps protect precious teeth during sports.
– Attend check-ups. Our expert dentists can detect early signs of things such as decay and infection, to help you better manage your oral health.

When do I book my dental appointment in London?

Book your emergency dentist appointment in London as soon as you become concerned. We reserve slots for emergencies and will try to see you as quickly as possible.

How do I book with Crescent Lodge?

Simply visit our contact page for up-to-date details, and our dentists will aim to see you as quickly as possible at our dental practice in London.

Whether you’re experiencing severe pain, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, we are ready to help restore your oral health and relieve your discomfort.

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