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When Should I Book An Emergency Dentist Appointment?

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4th October 2022

When Should I Book An Emergency Dentist Appointment?

Accidents, injuries, illnesses – we’re all human, and these things can (and do) happen. Are you prepared if and when they do? Today, our emergency dentist explains what happens in a dental emergency; what kinds of treatments we can offer; and when you should book an emergency dentist appointment at our London practice.

Help! I think I have a dental emergency

First of all, try to remain calm! Things can often seem worse than they are, especially if you think you’ve got a dental care emergency, or if you see blood involved. If you suspect a dental emergency, the best thing to do is get in touch with us right away on our emergency line: 020 7622 5333. Don’t delay, call today – because the quicker you do, the better the outcome.

What’s the best way to tell if I need an emergency dentist?

Emergency dentist appointments are needed more commonly than you think, and we’ve truly seen it all at our Clapham Common dental practice. As a rough guide, broken, loose and chipped teeth or restorations (like crowns) are typically small dental emergencies, and things like lost teeth, abscesses and bleeding are usually considered bigger emergencies. Don’t worry – we can help, whatever the case.

Woman in need of an emergency dentist appointment at Crescent Lodge Dental PracticeHow do you treat an emergency dentist in London?

There are many ways we can help:

Pain and Discomfort – We can prescribe painkillers and antibiotics if needed, to reduce pain or prevent it from worsening.

Assessments – We’ll look over your case and decide on the best course of treatment. Sometimes, we may need to take X-rays for a closer look

Treatments – We can help with temporary restorations, like temporary crowns, and can also replace fillings, treat root canals and offer extractions.

Referrals – If it’s something more serious or more specialist, we can put you in the safe hands of an expert.

How much will my care cost?

Our emergency dentist prices typically start at £70 but vary depending on what’s needed. We’ll be upfront about the cost of your care and ensure you get the very best treatment. As prices can be subject to change, you can find the most up-to-date information on our website.

What about emergency dentist out-of-hours appointments?

We’re open 8-8 most days and can even offer Saturday appointments, however, we are currently closed on Sundays. Opening times can vary, so be sure to check our website before you call or visit.


*All information in this article was correct at the time of publishing in August 2022.