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Emergency Dentist: What You Need to Know

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14th January 2020

Emergency Dentist: What You Need to Know

Accidents, infections and injuries – always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time! Whatever dental problems you might be facing, here at Crescent Lodge Dental Practice, a leading dental practice in London, we can help. With award-winning service, a committed team of professionals and the skills you need to get back on track, whatever the cause or effects of your emergency, you’ll be in safe hands.

Whether you’re looking into an emergency dentist in London to safeguard for the future, or you’ve been managing serious sensitivity, toothache or infection, this post will help break down what you need to know and do to get better.

Help is always at hand at Crescent Lodge 

We’re proud to offer same-day emergency dentist appointments in London, where availability allows. So it’s important to book in as soon as you see signs and symptoms of an emergency. We can treat signs of trauma (for example, knocked-out or broken teeth), toothache (whether caused by tooth decay or an infection), infections (such as abscesses or swelling) and damaged appliances (like missing fillings or loose/broken crowns).

Your comfort is our priority

Whatever the situation, if you need to see an emergency dentist in London, we want to make you feel comfortable and help manage any pain as best we can. We’ll try to treat you with pain relief and work out a temporary solution for your problem first, then can book a follow-up for a later date, or refer you to medical services.

Of course, if you have uncontrollable bleeding or drastic injuries, we recommend seeking medical attention – so if you’re unsure whether to see an emergency dentist in London or a doctor, call 111 for advice.

We’ve made emergency dental appointment booking easy

When you urgently need to see an emergency dentist in London, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether you can get an appointment slot. Not only do we have a range of ways to get in touch – from sending an email, to phoning up, to popping in – but we also offer flexible appointments that can work around our patients and their busy lives. Whether you’d prefer a late-night appointment or one on a Saturday, or of course something same-day, we always do our utmost to accommodate your needs and have you seen quickly and efficiently. 

Get in touch for an Emergency Dental Appointment

Based in Clapham, Crescent Lodge Dental Practice can serve patients based in London and surrounding areas – and we may even be able to schedule an emergency dentist appointment in London for your lunch break. To book in with us, visit our contact page or call us now on 020 7622 5333.