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Improve Your Smile at Crescent Lodge

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19th September 2016

Improve Your Smile at Crescent Lodge

If you live in south west London and you’re unhappy with your smile, you could be causing yourself unnecessary stress and even potentially setting yourself up for heart failure. However, please don’t worry. Our expert team here at the Crescent Lodge Dental Clinic can help restore your smile to its former glory. We provide a full range of cosmetic dental treatments.

Smiling lowers stress levels

Smiling in stressful situations has been proved in recent studies to lower your stress levels and lessen the strain on your heart that stress causes. As reported in the journal Psychological Science, a test was undertaken at a Midwestern university to prove beyond doubt that those who smiled in stressful situations had a lower heart rate, than those who didn’t.

How this was proved

Some of the test subjects were asked to place a chopstick in their mouths, which forced them to maintain a neutral expression during the testing period. The others held a chopstick in their mouths in such a way, that it forced them to smile, without them making an effort to do so. The stress-related activities they were then asked to participate in, involved following a star with their fingers and submerging their hands in ice cold water.

The test subjects who smiled managed to reduce the intensity of their body’s stress response; an important discovery in area of stress management. So, next time you’re in a stressful situation, simply grin. It’ll help you overcome it.

But what if you find grinning embarrassing? Then let us help you. We can fix all kinds of smile problems and concerns at our south west London practice. Here are just a few of the ways in which we can mend your teeth to make them as healthy and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Achieving a perfect smile in south west London

– Tooth whitening – Discoloured, yellowing or stained teeth can be embarrassing. We recommend our reliably even and effective teeth whitening treatment, which will improve the brightness of your teeth by several shades and last for far longer than over the counter kits, making it more cost effective for you.

– Crowns, fillings, veneers – Broken, cracked or chipped teeth often make people feel embarrassed about smiling, but they can be easily fixed. Veneers will make a lightly cracked or chipped tooth look naturally perfect, while protecting it from further damage. Crowns fit over a tooth that has been badly damaged to protect the remains of it and give the appearance of a natural whole tooth. Tooth-coloured fillings, will ensure that the tooth decay you’ve suffered from, won’t cause you any more problems.

– Braces –Crooked teeth can cause a huge decrease in confidence in your facial appearance, but given that modern orthodontic braces are now extremely discreet and able to fix alignment problems in a much shorter time period, we are seeing more and more adults in south west London, enquiring about our braces systems. We stock pioneering brands in adult braces; Invisalign, lingual braces and Damon clear, as well as the traditional fixed metal type, all of which will drag your teeth into a more flattering position and provide you with a perfect smile.

To find out more about how you can improve your smile and consequently reduce your stress levels and heart health,  please give our Crescent Lodge practice in south west London a call.