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Orthodontics: More Than Braces

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26th August 2016

Orthodontics: More Than Braces

Historians argue that orthodontic braces treatment dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Catgut was wrapped around the teeth to close gaps. The Romans then later used finger pressure applied to the teeth to move them into better alignment.

You’ll be pleased to hear braces have evolved dramatically since then. You don’t have spend hours pushing your teeth manually into position! These days, braces are so discreet, it’s difficult to see them, but did you know that braces and the study of orthodontics can help your general health, as well as your smile? Let’s have a look at what your orthodontist can do for you beyond simply fitting your braces.

Braces fix common bite issues

If your upper and lower jaw do not fit together well, the manner in which you chew your food will be affected. It’s logical that if chewing for you is hard work, due to the unaligned shape of your jaw, then you won’t be biting your food into small enough pieces before swallowing. This leaves you at risk of indigestion and health problems that result from indigestion. A skilled orthodontist will be able to analyse your jaw with a view to recognising exactly what needs to be done to give you a better, more comfortable bite.

Orthodontists help prevent heart disease.

It’s true. By looking at your teeth, your orthodontist will be able to detect tooth surfaces that are hard to reach with your toothbrush. These surfaces will naturally attract plaque,

a precursor to gum disease, which if left untreated is heavily linked to heart disease. By working out how to straighten your teeth and create only surfaces that are easy to reach with your toothbrush, you’ll have clean teeth and potentially better general health.

Orthodontics prevent a return to crooked teeth.

Once a skilled orthodontist has moved your teeth into a more desirable position, he or she will help you keep them in position, by building you a custom retainer to ensure your new smile remains intact. Whether you choose a removable or non removable retainer, your dedicated practitioner will do his or her best to preserve the results of your treatment, so that you won’t have to endure further alignment procedures in the future.

Our Southwest London team here at the Crescent Lodge Dental practice, are skilled in every aspect of the orthodontic process, from accurately assessing your teeth, to fitting you with the orthodontic devices you need to straighten your smile.

We champion the Clear Aligner system, which is similar to Invisalign and uses clear, retainer-like trays to straighten your teeth, but also stock Damon Clear braces and lingual braces, which fit onto the back of the teeth.  If you’d like to find out more about how we can make positive changes to your smile, please give us a call. During an initial consultation with us, we can assess your jaw, bite and teeth to report on your general health and what can be done to improve the appearance of them.

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